Level Up – The Right Accountant for Electrician Contractors

Are you an electrician searching for an accounting firm with a difference? Level Up is the team that will have your back. No matter the business, or industry, our expert team is equipped to handle any task. Whether it’s business restructuring, tax strategy or in-depth accounting report – we’re the team that will take your business to the next level.

Who We Are

First things first, who are we? We’re not another dime-a-dozen accounting team with smoky offices, we’re a professional, committed and experienced team of Brisbane accountants, armed and ready to level up your business.

We’ve left the old ways behind. So, throw out every preconception you have about a bunch of accountants and get ready for a team that is revved and ready to take your business to new heights.

Building A Map for Your Business

No business is too niche, and we know the ins and outs of every industry. Whether you’re a medium-sized factory or a sole electrical contractor, we have the tools to build your business.

Whether you’re looking for accounting software for tradies, or accountants that understand the custom needs of tradies – Level Up is the team you want behind you. Let us take care of tax, whilst you focus on your business.

Operating a business as a sole contractor, for example, an electrician is a challenge. From tracking a variety of industry policy and hourly wages to sort – it’s important to work with an accounting team that understands your needs.

We don’t play the short game. We’re here for the long game. That means no short cuts or band-aid-only solutions. We gear your business towards long-term success, leveraging business structure, analytics and tax benefits. When you work with Level Up, we’re here to cement your business in the foothold of the market.

What We Do For Electricians

As a sole contractor, facing the intricacies of business advisory, tax law and accounting reports can take up a lot of your time. Time better spent doing what you do best – working on your business. So, that’s when you want Level Up to have your back.

From XERO for electrical contractors to things electricians can claim on tax, the Level Up team is ready to tackle any problem with our custom-built solutions.

We Know the Rules

Small to medium-sized businesses face a lot of adversaries. From building the right micro team to facing an ever-changing tidal wave of policy adjustments. With running your business, and managing your clients – things might fall through the cracks. It’s bound to happen. A minor policy change comes knocking and there is no one ready to answer. Enter Level Up. Tax. Accounting. Business Advisory. We know every rule, and we’ll take care of your operations when policy changes come calling.

Our team of experienced accountants will have your back when the rules change. We’ll always provide the information you need to tackle any required adjustments. For example, if you’re an electrical contractor, then your business needs to submit a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR).

What Exactly Is TPAR?

TPAR is an ATO report created to provide greater insight and clarity into the work of contractors and subcontractors. So, whether you’re an electrician contractor or own a cleaning service, we have the lowdown you need on TPAR changes.

How to Know TPAR Applies to You

Previously, this report was only required if you worked in the building and construction landscape. With the implementation of recent changes, the following industries make also submit the report if they have an ABN and make payments to contractors that assist with services on their behalf. The below industries are now required to submit a TPAR:

  • Building and construction services
  • Cleaning services
  • Courier services
  • Road freight services
  • IT services
  • Security, investigating and surveillance services

The TRAR does not require you to report payments made to employees.

What Information You Need to Keep

This part is pretty simple, as most information required to complete a TPAR is located on the contractor’s invoice. However, to avoid any back and forth with your contractor, make sure you have the following information after they complete their work:

  • ABN
  • Name
  • Address
  • The total amount for the financial year for the gross amount paid, and if, without an ABN, the total withheld

It’s important to note that you only need to keep this information for payments made on or before the 30th of June each year.

If you’re currently using accounting software, then there may be in-built tracking for your TPAR. With some products, you may need to switch on the option and of course, ensure you are entering the correct data.

Have questions? Contact the Level Up team for any help navigating new policy changes and embarking on the next steps. We offer XERO for electricians, and get you started on the right path with the correct information! Our expert team will let you know what’s needed and how to remain compliant with recent and upcoming changes.

You Know Your Business

No one knows your business like you. That’s why when we work with you, we get to know every corner of your business from the expert – YOU. From an effective analysis of your operations, we’re able to develop a tailored solution that tackles problem spots and optimises points for success. We know what to avoid, what’s a trap and where the untapped potential is wilting.

We help everyday business’ avoid common mistakes, like these:

  • Not having an agreement between founders – it is vital to make a formal agreement with company founders – even prior to incorporation – so that you protect your business and your assets
  • Failing to protect your intellectual property (IP) and take care of your business structure
  • Not expanding with room to move

If you think your business is making these mistakes, then it’s time to contact our team today for a custom-built solution.

Why We Rule The Game

We don’t simply talk the talk. It’s about action. We’re active, constantly vigilant, searching and leveraging business advisory, taxation and accounting strategies to level up your business. From electricians to an architectural firm, we develop, in conjunction with your vision, a tailored strategy that tackles every aspect of your business.

Business Advisory

Your business is too important to leave it to chance. Each business has a unique structure, with a little bit of magic in each team member, so your business advisory should be unlike any other.

We don’t offer regurgitated advice you’ve heard ample times from multiple agencies. Our team takes the time to get to know your business, inside and out. Then, we develop a tailored plan to leverage your current business structure to lift your business to new heights.

Our team works with YOU to develop a vision for your business you can see. Say goodbye to token advice, and tips you could find after a quick google. Level Up provides comprehensive, tailored, and actionable advice that is built to suit your business and leverages your financial management and business operations for long-term success.

Just some of the ways we assist you and your business include:

  • Asset protection structuring advice
  • Review for business purchases
  • Business sale preparation
  • Business start-up advice
  • Finance applications
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Benchmark reporting

Charting a Course for Your Business

From the very start, we map out the course of your business, so we continue to provide comprehensive advice as your business grows and thrives. Marrying meaningful short sight and long-term foresight, we leverage business structure to ensure optimum taxation benefits and gear towards growth in the future.

When you’re looking to grow your business, it’s important to work with an accounting firm that offers everything you need. Level Up has helped budding businesses with the following services.

Service Offered
Financial Reporting
Remuneration calculation and advice
Trust account reconciliation
Budgeting and cash flow reports
Financial and non-financial
reporting for banking covenants
Monthly management reporting
Corporate register maintenance (ASIC)

With Level Up, you’ll have a team on your side that cares about your business and knows how to protect it – for the present and the future.

For a full range of our business advisory services, please book a consultation with our expert team.


When it comes to tax law, we know the rules and we’re ready to win. And that means more than just a BASor two on the side. You won’t just see when tax time comes calling, we’re on call all year round to develop and implement strategies to simply save you money on tax.

Captain your ship, without the hassle of managing to man the decks, too. We handle your tax, so you get back to what you do best. Running your business, helping clients and managing staff.

We’re the Tax Consultant for YOU

Whether you’re an electrician, marketing agency or architectural firm, we make sense of tax reform, legislation and blocking leaky holes running your bottom-line dry. Tax strategy isn’t exactly sexy – we know that, however, it’s essential in leveraging cash outflows, allowing your business to grow and thrive.

Some accounting firms offer the world, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they come up short. At Level Up, we assign individual 7-foot accountants to each project, ensuring you receive tailored tax advice.

Here’s what to expect when you work with our team:

  • Income tax return preparation and lodgement (companies, trusts, individuals, deceased estates)
  • Fringe benefits tax return preparation and lodgement
  • Establishment, planning and execution of tax minimisation strategies and structures
  • Indirect tax return preparation and lodgement (GST, PAYGW)
  • ATO disputes and penalty reduction & negation
  • ATO audit attendance
  • Capital gains tax planning, reduction, and calculation
  • Business income tax and capital gains tax concessions
  • Application for private rulings
  • Business and investment purchase structuring for income tax minimisation
  • Statutory minutes and reporting

We know the rules, and we rule the game.


It’s time to say goodbye to the same old report you receive every. single. year. The Level Up team works with you and your business every step of the way. No once-a-blue-moon meetings. We provide tailored accounting care for your business. No two clients are the same. Whether you need help calculating finicky GST, a hands-on guide through your business purchases, or restructuring and managing risk – our team leverages accounting strategies to level up your business.

The Accounting Services We Offer

Before we develop and implement a clear accounting strategy, we get to know your business. We know the rules of the game, and we play to win. We wil help your business in the following ways:

  • Financial reporting
  • Outsourcing of accounts payable function
  • Outsourcing of finance team function
  • Budgeting and cash flow reports
  • Financial and non-financial reporting for banking covenants
  • Corporate register maintenance (ASIC)
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Remuneration calculation and advice
  • Trust account reconciliation

Level Up today and call 3265 6740.

Hear From Our Clients

Here’s how we helped Ryan Gray from Argonyx Marketing Pty Ltd

“Level Up Accounting has been amazing the whole way through. Definitely not the traditional, boring accountants. I’ve received great value from the whole team. Highly recommend.”

And how we proved we’re not your average accountant to Dale Reader from Loyal Lawns

“I am a small business owner and booking an appointment with Brendan from Level Up Chartered Accountants was the best thing I’ve done so far. If you look past these guys your missing out. Give them a call, you won’t look back.”

See how we can help you today by booking a consultation.

Let’s Have a Chat

If you’re a mid-sized business or a large corporation – we want to hear from you. Our 7-foot team is always on hand to help your business reach new heights.

Our team are the experts in business advisory, taxation, and accounting and will work with you to set up a trust, manage your assets, and structure your business for asset protection – the opportunities are endless. Level Up is geared to leverage your business to soar all the way to the top. Get in touch today.

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