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Looking for a BAS agent that is unlike the myriad of accountants you’ve found on google? Are you ready to work with a firm that can lift your business to new heights? It’s time to work with Level Up.

Why Choose Level Up?

We are a 7-foot team of expert, Brisbane accountants that are armed and ready to level up your business. The average accounting firm is a dime a dozen, we’re here to clear out the smoky offices and dusty dinosaurs and develop fresh, tailored accounting solutions for your business – whether your an electrician or architect, we can help, no matter the industry.

When you work with Level Up, it’s not all about appearances. It’s not about the spick and span of the talk, it’s about the action. That’s why Level Up is Level Up. We’re active, constantly vigilant, searching and testing ways your business can save on tax. We illustrate a map of where your business can go, and how you can rule the game. That’s what it means to have the Level Up team behind you.

How We Rule The Game

We know the rules of the game and we’re here to win. Need to restructure your business? Paying too much in taxes? Or looking for an accountant with a difference? Level Up Chartered Accountants is the team you need when it comes to ATO BAS agent services.

Business Advisory

We bet you care about your business. So, don’t leave it to chance. We know your business is unique and no one knows it like you do. Therefore, we’re not here to run your company, we’re here to offer tailored advice that takes your business to the next level.

But what does ‘business advisory’ really mean? Well, we can’t speak for your average firm, but at Level Up, it means we have your back. We protect your assets, structure your cash flow, hack your tax and we develop expert, custom-made solutions for your business. We listen to what you want by taking the time and care to learn your business inside out.

Our team of expert business developers can level up your business by tackling every corner of your organisations needs:

  • Asset protection structuring advice
  • Review for business purchases
  • Business sale preparation
  • Business start-up advice
  • Finance applications
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Whatever your business, you can bet the Level Up team is ready to invest the time to create a perfect-fit solution.

We Build The Map

First things first, let’s drop the short game right now. We’re not here for that because we’re all about the longevity of your business. We shoot for the stars, and we’re ready to cement your business in the foothold of the market for years to come.

If you’re looking for direction, we map out the course and leverage your business structure to achieve optimum tax benefits and gear your company towards the future. We’re in it for the long haul.

We help everyday business’ avoid common mistakes, like these:

  • Not having an agreement between founders – it is vital to make a formal agreement with company founders – even prior to incorporation – so that you protect your business and your assets
  • Failing to protect your intellectual property (IP) and take care of your business structure
  • Not expanding with room to move

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to contact our expert team today. Our team understand the rules of the game, we know what to avoid and what’s a trap. It’s time your business didn’t just survive, but thrived.


Deadlines looming? Missing a few deductions? Scattered red tape? We can sort it. We know the rules of the game, and we’ve come to win.

It’s fair to say we know a thing or two about tax, well actually, we know a f*ck ton about tax. From BAS agents to tax legislation, you can be sure that we have your company tax sorted. Our team won’t bury their head until tax time, we are by your side all damn year, leveraging every sector of your business so when the taxman comes calling, you’re ready.

What is the role of a BAS tax agent?

We’re sure you’ve noticed, the world of accountancy is bursting with jargon. Balance sheet, bookkeeping, BAS – the list could go on. So, let’s bust some jargon and tackle what a BAS agent actually is here and now.

A BAS agent is simply an accountant that provides BAS services for a fee. So, any accountant that submits a BAS as a paid service must be a registered ATO BAS agent contact. A registered BAS agent is issued a licence that allows them to advise clients on tax management or may represent a client to the tax office if required.

Can a BAS agent provide payroll services?

Absolutely! As a payroll officer, there is no need for you to be registered as an ATO BAS agent if you’re not completing BAS services. You may have heard already, payroll is getting a mandated overhaul. So all businesses must comply with the new regulation by the 1st of July 2019 (if you have 19 employees or less). If you’re thinking, ‘what is single touch payroll’, then it’s time to call on the Level Up team.

What exactly is Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a major shift in business compliance. Some say the biggest compliance regulation since GST. Single Touch Payroll is essentially a new way of reporting tax and super information to the ATO. Each time payroll is sent out, employees’ tax and super information must be sent directly to the ATO. Already have a headache? No worries. Good thing Level Up has your back.

The Benefits of Single Touch Payroll Reporting for your Business

With the implementation of Single Touch Payroll businesses, small and big, are able to implement streamlined systems to achieve next level reporting. Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR) gives businesses the capacity to report, pay employees, monitor superannuation and PAYG with a single click. Driving automation is a vital element in inspiring growth and innovation throughout the hierarchy of your business.

STP creates a strong foundation to begin implementing and utilising best-of-breed, forward-thinking smart reporting technology. For many, payroll is a balancing act of compliance and efficiency, so adopting an automated process may seem counter-productive. However, STPR and AIO regulation gives businesses the push they need to revamp legacy systems and implement a cloud-based payroll system. Utilising STPR efficiency can position your business for scalability and economic growth, reducing maintenance fees, and converting tedious manual labour to high-thinking work.

STPR also gives businesses the ability to streamline the staff on-boarding, particularly when it comes to superannuation setup and PAYG tax.

Want to see these benefits in your business today? Contact the Level Up team to discuss what STPR can do for your business. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

A STPR Software Solution

Not all software will be ready for the switch to STP, so before you opt for a software solution, see if you’re covered.

Software Version Solution-Ready
MYOB Essentials
AccountRight Live
All other desktops
Xero Business Edition
KeyPay KeyPay
QuickBooks Plus

Unsure whether STPR is right for you?

With the 1st of July looming, Level Up is ready to gear your business towards the future. We work with your business model to develop a bespoke, tailored solution.

Watch Tax Work For YOU

Tax isn’t sexy, but it’s essential in managing your business’ cash outflows, creating room for growth and optimising ROI. At Level Up, tax planning isn’t just about saving on tax, it’s about providing meaningful guidance, strategy and insight around tax that ultimately betters your business. We’re here so you don’t have to worry about tax.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with the Level Up team:

  • Income tax return preparation and lodgement (companies, trusts, individuals, deceased estates)
  • Fringe benefit tax return preparation and lodgement
  • Establishment, planning and execution of tax minimisation strategies and structures
  • Indirect tax return preparation and lodgement (GST, PAYGW)
  • ATO disputes and penalty reduction & negation
  • ATO audit attendance
  • Capital gains tax planning, reduction, and calculation
  • Business income tax and capital gains tax concessions
  • Application for private rulings
  • Business and investment purchase structuring for income tax minimisation
  • Statutory minutes and reporting

Work with our own accountant and receive tailored advice that hits the money every, single time. That’s Level Up. Chat to our team about custom tax solution today.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to throw your expectations out of the window. Level Up is not your average accounting firm. Sure, we handle the ordinary stuff, but then we go above and beyond to ensure your business is compliant and simultaneously, pay less tax.

At Level Up, we develop strategies for businesses that are poised for growth but who have hit a ceiling. Skip the tax cramps, and trust our team to implement automated strategies that work seamlessly, whilst you get back to what you do best – run your business.

Whether it’s finicky GST that has you stumped or wondering how to restructure and manage risk – our team has your back.

The Accounting Services You Need

Our accounting team takes the time to get to know your business, then we develop a tailored solution, so your business can thrive.

We’re ready to level up every single sector of your business:

  • Financial reporting
  • Outsourcing of accounts payable function
  • Outsourcing of finance team function
  • Budgeting and cash flow reports
  • Financial and non-financial reporting for banking covenants
  • Corporate register maintenance (ASIC)
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Remuneration calculation and advice
  • Trust account reconciliation

It’s time to choose the right accountant for your business. Drop us a line today.

Can BAS agent lodge FBT return?

Yes! BAS agents are also able to lodge FBT returns, as it falls under BAS services. At Level Up, our team is ready to take care of the little stuff for you. We revel in the details, so we don’t just tackle the big stuff. We take the time and care to look after every nook and cranny of your operations to ensure you’re covered when tax time comes knocking.

Let’s Chat

If you’re a mid-sized business or a large corporation – we want to chat. We are the industry experts in business advisory, taxation, and accounting and can work with you to set up a trust, manage your assets, and structure your business for asset protection. Level Up is geared to leverage your business and help you soar all the way to the top.

Whether you’re searching for accounting for architects or an accounting firm for electricians, choose the right firm for your business. Choose Level Up.